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Family Member Ellen Brown 08.26.11

  RE: George H. Brown April 1 tranfer   Dear Dee,   I received the refund check for $800.00 today in the mail. Thank you for your prompt and courteous handling of the matter. I appreciate your professionalism during the transfer and billing process. You have great staff on the ambulance and in the office. […]

MD Anderson Cancer Hospital, Houston TX 06.16.11

Thank you and all BestCare personnel for the excellent service you have always provided for us. Through out our many years of association with your company, the U.T.M.D Anderson Cancer Center Case Management Department has come to depend upon ‘s expedient and efficient service in the care of our patients.

Harris County Hospital District, Houston TX 06.17.11

BestCare EMS (BCEMS) has provided contract ambulance services for the Harris County Hospital District for almost 9 years. During this time, BestCare has gone above and provided excellent services to meet the needs of our patients during routine ambulance transports, wheelchair, and emergency transports between facilities.

American Diabetes Association

“On behalf of the American Diabetes Association, Houston Council and its leadership, I want to thank you for making a difference in fighting diabetes in the Hispanic community. This year’s inaugural program reached over 4,000 people in dire need of information and medical attention. Your support was critical in making this happen.   We are so […]

Houston, TX Client & Family Member

My wife, whom they transported to St. Luke’s Hospital Emergency Room has made a complete recovery. She had collapsed during therapy at the Hampton on Post Oak Early that afternoon, and Alan detected that her heart rate was very low. We owe all of this to the excellent care provided by many health professionals in this city, first among them Alan and Kim.

Director of Community Relations in Houston, TX

“For more than three years, our community, [Senior Living Community], has found Ambulance service to be very punctual, accountable and trustworthy. They have consistently provided our residents with safe, courteous drivers who are friendly and caring. There is hardly a day goes by that we do not have to call upon Ambulance to provide transportation […]

Houston, TX Physician & Medical Director

“This note of thanks is overdue and directed to the management of your company. A few weeks ago your two employees served Dr. _______ by transporting_______________.  We want you to know that [your two employees] were sensitive to our needs, professional and efficient in giving care. They are both assets to your firm and I […]

Houston Chronicle

“BestCare EMS in Bellaire was recognized by the Houston Chronicle for its efforts in educating children about calling 9-1-1 and EMS. The article listed details about EMS’ and Reddy Teddy’s visits to a local HeadStart program and and four elementary schools, where they presented the Make The Right Call program and a seat belt safety program.” […]

International Medical Air Services in Houston, TX

“In March, we had the opportunity to use BestCare’s ground transportation services in the transfer of Mr. [patient name private] , from Houston Hobby Airport to St. Luke’s Hospital, Houston, TX. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the dispatchers, as well as the transport personnel for exceptional service and courtesies that were […]

Texas EMS Magazine

“Ready Teddy of BestCare EMS visited Pasadena Independent School District’s Fisher Elementary School recently to teach children what to expect during a medical emergency. Paige Jarvis, above, and teacher Donna Powers were volunteer models assisted by EMS Workers Lisa Jarvis, Steven Jarvis and Harrold Goodin. Ready Teddy received an affectionate welcome from the children.”