Transport MGMT

One call will alleviate all stress related to medical transports with BestCare’s “Transport Management Program.” Our goal is for each transport is to provide world class care efficiently, punctually and combine the latest technology and appropriate resources to deliver the ultimate quality of services.


Transportation Management is a customizable plan for each customer to provide non-emergency medical transportation. Through our 17 year experience in working in the world renown Texas Medical Center. BestCare has provided plans for every type of medical transporting needs from wheelchair van, ambulances, mini-bus to even fixed-wing air. BestCare has managed ground transportation & arranged air ambulance needs for hospitals, health care facilities and agencies as well as managed care companies. BestCare is privileged to hold multiple Harris County and government contracts, in the world’s largest medical center.


Here is an overview of what to expect from our Transportation Management program:

  • Simple, and easy process; One Call
  • Fleet to handle any needs: ambulance, fixed-wing air, wheelchair van and mini bus
  • Timely, efficient, compassionate customer service and immediate follow up
  • Plan assessment to ensure appropriate and lowest cost transportation
  • Simple claims process
  • Easy to understand full reporting
  • Experienced and knowledgeable BestCare team