Company Profile

BestCare EMS provides quality, timely medical transportation services with empathy and care.  We are a principle provider of ground and air ambulance transportation in the Texas medical community and surrounding areas.  BestCare’s Emergency Medical Technicians are skilled and certified professionals with over 60 years of combined experience in the Healthcare industry. We work closely with case managers and social workers, hospitals and family members to gain a clear understanding of our patients needs and desires.


BestCare EMS supports and encourages the professional development of all of our employees.  We provide In-house training on a monthly basis to our paramedics and team members. The BestCare Ambulance Fleet is equipped with advanced equipment for optimal dispatching and quality communication.   With a well equipped medical team and ambulance fleet, BestCare EMS is ready to serve on the front lines of emergency services for our community.




Additional Company Information

Type of Services: Emergency Medical Services, Ground Ambulance Transportation, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation,Coordinating Air Ambulance Services


Geographic Service: Houston, TX  (The Texas Medical Center, all Harris County facilities, North, South and West Houston)


License Types:

  • BLS – Basic Life Support
  • ALS – Advanced Life Support
  • MICU- Mobile Intensive Care Unit
  • MICU – Air Fixed Wing


Liability Coverage: Meeting and exceeding full coverage on all liability insurance required by law.


Credentials and Experience: EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediates, and EMT-Paramedics certified by the State of Texas, Certified EMS and CPR Instructors