Mission & Vision

People Helping People.  BestCare EMS assists our community by providing quality, timely medical transportation services with care.  Best Care’s vision is to be the leading provider of healthcare transportation and safety solutions in the State of Texas.


Helping Patients, Family Members & Caregivers

You Are Important To Us. We understand that EMS is on the front-line of patient care.  We take action knowing that a few seconds makes the difference in an emergency situation.  We also recognize the importance of comfort during scheduled, non-emergency transportation. The BestCare team works together to provide quick response times and a superior standard of care for you and your loved ones.


Helping Medical Professionals & Case Managers

Your Connection To Healthcare Is Important To Us. BestCare is a trusted name in the Houston, TX medical community.  Our company serves as a quality extension of the medical facilities and professionals that use our services.  We understand the level of expertise and accuracy that healthcare requires and work diligently to deliver our services with precision.


Helping to Empower the Community

Our Community Is Important To Us. BestCare provides patients and healthcare professionals with current industry trends and knowledge. Our customers need to understand the difference regarding ambulance companies and know that they have the right to choose the best ambulance service for their needs.