EMS Consulting

As an EMS company, producing capable, timely services along with customer relations management can be challenging to say the least. Mistakes not only can cost you time and resources, but also risk losing your customers.


BestCare EMS has gained valuable experience and knowledge about providing exceptional services while keeping a high-level of customer satisfaction. In the very competitive market of the Texas Medical Center and the greater Houston metro area, BestCare has become a local leader in the EMS industry.


BestCare’s organizational structure is designed to promote a positive environment with an emphasis on our founding motto “People Helping People.” Collaboration of our departments encourages synergy within staff; this is key to creating a great customer experience. Our educational programs support our staff to continue to grow with BestCare and retain the best talent. Our policies and protocol help us prepare for the unexpected and remain solution oriented during predicaments to make the best possible outcome. We are very proud of having contracts with the city’s most prestigious medical institutions.


BestCare EMS came from humble beginnings of a single ambulance to a worldwide medical transport company. We believe our proven practices and model of business can help your EMS company achieve your goals. If interested in our EMS consulting please contact us to set up an appointment