Fleet & Equipment

The BestCare EMS operates a diverse fleet of vehicles, all of which are equipped with BLS, ALS, or MICU capabilities.  Our specialty units can hold up to 2 Isolettes, monitoring equipment and have the capacity for up to 5 medical personnel on board. Bariatric units are available for patients who required additional lift capacity.  Our newest vehicles are, equipped with MOR/RYDE suspension systems, offering the most comfortable ride for patients.


BestCare emphasizes vehicle maintenance as part of our commitment to providing the BestCare possible to our patients and providers.  The safety and mechanical operations are assured by our BestCare: Vehicle Preventative Maintenance Program (anchor link), which demands every vehicle be inspected daily and serviced every 3,000 miles.



BESTCARE Equipment

BestCare’s emergency service vehicles are stocked with the following equipment:

  • Stryker Bariatric Stretcher with motor Lift
  • LTV Ventilator Systems
  • Zoll Hands-Free Monitors, Defibrillators and Stretchers
  • 12 Lead Life Pack Cardiac Monitors
  • MedSystem Infusion Systems w/ Advanced Dose Rate Calculation
  • I-Med Triple Lumen IV Pumps
  • Unit-Vent  & Auto-Vent Ventilators
  • Heart-Stream AED/SAD
  • AED Plus Emergency Defibrillators
  • FERDO Pedi Mate Harnesses