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Added: October 1, 2011


Sugar Land Doctors Take Time to Play




Sugarland Kindrid Cricket Game


The Cricket World Cup in April 2011, not only made international headlines, it also packed bars and restaurants around the globe as sports fans gathered to watch the Indian national team defeat Sri Lanka. In Sugar Land, physicians and surgeons from Triumph-Kindred Hospital filled Madras Pavilion Indian Restaurant’s back room to cheer on their Indian team. By the time the World Cup was over, these local doctors had decided to put together their own Cricket match, which was held last Saturday at the Cricket fields off Katy Hockly Road, Katy.




“My husband, Dr. Faisal Khan, a neurologist at Triumph Kindred in Sugar Land, has been looking forward to this game. He use to play in school and college and he tries to play when he can, but with work and three children, it is hard. So this game is a good opportunity for him to have some fun and to bring the Indian community together,” said Sabiha Kahn.




Twenty-two physicians from Triumph Kindred and their families and friends joined the day long event, which begun with breakfast at 9:00 a.m. and the game began at 10. At half-time the teams broke for lunch, and after the game ended dinner was served under the white tents on the sidelines, compliments of MP Indian Restaurant.




“We had a number of people who helped make this event happen, such as Silverado Senior Living, Sugar Land and Best Care Ambulance, and we hope to make it an annual event. This game really made it possible for many physicians to stop and have some fun, and we hope to do it again soon,” said Randy Briones, spokesperson for Triumph-Kindred Hospital, Sugar Land.



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