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Texas Ambulance Association Board of Directors Elections. Please Vote!

Added: April 3, 2011

Kate Carroll has emailed us some information regarding her persuit of being a board member of the Texas Ambulance Association:

Hello, I look forward to seeing you at the Annual TAA Board meeting in South Padre. 

My name is Kate Carroll and I am running for the Board of the Texas Ambulance Association.  I have been involved in EMS for 10 years now.  My husband Rod and I co-owned Stat Care EMS before merging with Acadian Ambulance last spring.  As an owner/ operator of an EMS service, I understand what you are going through, putting 100% into a business that’s 24-7-365.  As Director of Billing for Stat Care EMS, and a certified EMT, I managed the billing/ dispatch operations, CAD deployments.  I was also the HIPAA officer.   I have answered dispatch calls at 2 a.m., at times dispatching myself to that same call when times were really tough.  We seem to have seen it all from hurricanes to budget cuts, we have been right there with you.

My current position with Acadian at Director of Government Affairs allows me to focus full attention on the details that matter to the industry.  We have been working hard in Austin since August and this legislative session fighting against cuts and watching legislation that will positively or negatively impact our industry.  I have worked with the American Ambulance Association and currently serve on the Government Affairs Committee, Legislative/ Regulatory Workgroup, representative for Region 4 Nominations committee.  I am also on the faculty of the Education committee. 

I would appreciate your support and vote.

Kate Carroll